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New Cereal Killer mill, second roller supposed to turn?

This being my first ever grain mill, I’m just curious if the second roller is supposed to turn when i turn the crank? I assume this will only turn when there is grain being pushed through but I just wanted to make sure it wasn’t defective.

not sure about this brand but most of them only turn one roller until you add grain.

Only turns with grain in it.

I have put about 3,000# through mine and lately it has been giving me some hell. I actually just flipped the roller and that seems to be a fix. I also need to replace the barring. Will know more when I do an actual batch of grains versus the half a pound test I did.

Either way, for the price you can’t complain.

Nope… like already stated, only one roller turns with the crank. The other spins free as grain goes through.

PS: Make sure to keep it clean. I store it in the box in came in and keep a paint brush with it. I brush as much grain dust/flower/whatever away after each use. This is especially important around the rollers. If the stuff builds up in there and gets damp you will have a mess that could f$#k with the mill.

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