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New C02 Bottle. What pressure?

I had my 5 lb C02 bottle filled and when I got back and put the gauge on it registered about 700 PSI. Today I kegged my first batch of beer and after sitting in the Keezer for a few hours at 40º the pressure is down to below 500 PSI. That’s below the refill warning. I’m pretty sure there are no leaks as I have thoroughly checked. I got the bottle filled at a paitball place and I’m wondering if the guy put the bottle under enough pressure? I watched him measure out 5 lbs but is 700 PSI of pressure enough in a newly filled bottle? I realize the pressure drops when you put the bottle in the Keezer…but below the refill warning seems a bit low?

Pressure does not equal fill level. Like you mention.

Do you have a way to weigh the tank?

[quote=“Nighthawk”]Pressure does not equal fill level. Like you mention.

Do you have a way to weigh the tank?[/quote]

The guy who filled it used a scale and it registered 5 lbs. I’m pretty sure he did not short me on weight. But to answer your question I don’t really have a scale accurate enough to weigh it.

You’ve got the CO2 tank in the keezer, too?

The pressure will be lower because the bottle’s colder. Until the tank is basically empty the pressure should be constant for a given temperature. (The pressure shouldn’t start dropping until there’s no more liquid CO2 left in the tank.) At 40F that pressure should be closer to 600psi, but perhaps your gauge just reads low. You mentioned it originally read 700psi, which is what I get when I’m keeping my keezer at ~55F.

Thanks guys. I figured as much with the CO2 in the keezer. I will eventually purchase a 2nd CO2 bottle. There used to be a place called “Tank & Valve” I believe but it’s no longer here (Douglasville GA). Many places will exchange your tank but that kind of sucks when you buy a brand new tank and exchange it for some nasty old rusty one.

Call around to local liquor stores. The ones that do kegs sometimes also offer fill-ups, and don’t necessarily advertise it.

Welding shops can do it, but what I ran into is that none of them want to bother with my puny 5lb tank.

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