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New brewer question

I’ve brewed my first batch, from a kit, five gallons of Caribou Slobber. Everything seems to be progressing as it should be. I am on my second week of the secondary fermenter and I am curious. The instructions recommend it stay in the secondary for two to four weeks. What am I looking for and how will this effect the final product? (I boiled the wort on January 28 then had it in the primary fermenter for 10 days where all the action happened. It has been at room temp the whole while and is no longer producing bubbles. It is very cloudy but I figure that is from the long cool down period.) Can tomorrow be bottling day or do I need to use my limited supply of patience??

get a hydrometer. thats really the only way to tell if its done fermenting. check it a few days in a row and if you get a steady reading, its ready. Bubbles dont really tell you much. I would also nix doing any secondary fermenting (even though just about all kit instructions say to do so) unless you are dry hopping or adding any additional flavors (i.e. bourbon soaked chips, vanilla, etc) lots of research on here that suggests secondary is no longer necessary. I myself am a newb too and just got done with the caribou too. I let it ferment for 3 weeks in primary, had a steady reading of 1.020 FG so I bottled. Im sure someone with waaaaaaay more experience than me will chime in to help, but thats my 2 cents. Hope it helps!


It does help, thanks! I’m on my way out the door to get a burner and parts to build my own double chiller. I will get a hydrometer too. (the double chiller will be two chillers hooked together, one in a salted ice bath and the other for the wort. Should work perfect in our double kitchen sink.)

also, and this is from my own experience, i would recommend picking up two hydrometeers! they are relatively cheap, but very fragile! i broke one my first day. :oops:

[quote]Go Beer, and GO BLUE!

+1 on the advice. Not to derail the thread, but am I to assume you’re a Michigan fan living in Nebraska, Chmuraman?

absolutely!! i was transplanted here in husker country via the military

Hope you’re doing well toughing it out in Husker-land. :lol: I’m a Michigan man as well; I live about 50 miles from South Bend- surrounded by ND fans. It’s almost a crime around here if you don’t love the Irish!

[quote=“Helvetica”][quote]Go Beer, and GO BLUE!

+1 on the advice. Not to derail the thread, but am I to assume you’re a Michigan fan living in Nebraska, Chmuraman?[/quote]

I thought go blue was penn state, but I wish good brewing to even wolverine fans. :stuck_out_tongue:

everybody loves a good beer!! lol :cheers:

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