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New Brewer - I Have A Question

It was my first time brewing on Tuesday, by Wednesday morning (6:00 AM) the fermentation process began and it looked to be pretty rapid, there was also alot of activity from the airlock. Got home from work at 4 still going pretty violently,same night at about 8:30 pm I came home and the krausen seemed to be getting lower and also the airlock had lost alot of its activity. Today the krausen level is very thin and also there is no activity out of the airlock after a few minutes I know to you seasoned vets this might be a stupid and im not trying to over-think it I just would really appreciate some info on what could be happening.

Active fermentation is probably nearing completion which can happen very fast if you do not control the beer temp during the process. I am guessing that you allowed it to get too warm instead of keeping the beer temps in the mid 60’s? Common problem for new brewers.

Recommend researching:

Temperature Control and Swamp Coolers

Yeast Starters

Patience - as in letting the beer finish rather than rushing it - hard to do at first

Oh, and your beer will be fine. Probably even very good, but know that the techniques above will make it better

I’ve heard that is really normal actually. Primary fermentation seems to start after about 12 hours, and usually lasts for about 48 hours, then it starts to die down quite a bit.

By primary fermentation, I am of course referring to when the airlock starts bubbling a lot and you see a lot of krausen forming.

So I wouldn’t worry.

Thanks ya it was at about 74F and is down to about 72F , I know its supposed to be maybe even below that but thank you for the fast response im not too sure how this all works but I will soon hopefully any suggestions on a few seasonal beers for Christmas i can do that wont be too complicated? Thanks again 560 and nohone.

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