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New brew pot

Just bought a new 10gal pot from for $33. Came to about $47 and change with shipping. Im excited.Should I do anything to it before brewing in it?

If it’s an aluminum pot you’ll want clean it with mild detergent then fill it with water and boil for 20-30 minutes. This will passivate the aluminum leaving a dull gray to dark gray coat, this treatment reduces the reactivity to solutions.

Do you mean regular dish detergent or brewers wash detergent?

I have a couple aluminum pots, I initially cleaned them with a small amount of liquid dish soap and a sponge then rinsed them well. Your pot should be pretty clean out of the box but there may be some manufacturing residuals in it.

I don’t use any detergent after brewing with them, just hot water and a plastic scour pad to get the gunk off.

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