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New book as x mas gift

So got a book as a gift for xmas. From my brew buddy. But. Pppp had to put it away. To boring. But way intresting the part of herbs. And on how to use them

Cool. If you like thinking about herbs and beer and a bit of voodoo ( @voodoo_donut ) you might want to checkout this book…


Did ask a friend to buy the book. So have it next week. Or so. Me like to brew at least. Once a while a beer with. Fruit or herbs. Me normaly. Heffeweizen. Ipa. Stout or porter. And to mess around fruit or herbs

I got the Farmhouse Ales book(Phil Markowski) for Christmas, haven’t started it yet, but it’s next. I really like saisons and am looking forward to elevating my game here.

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