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New Belgium Sour Brewing Program and Lauren Salazar

I just posted my interview with Lauren Salazar from New Belgium…She gives some great advice on sour homebrewing, the grain bill for Felix, the hopping rate for Le Terroir etc… Her advice is something you will want to read. ... elgium-qa/

Great Q&A I’m really glad you pressed on the pasteurization issue. She had a really interesting response as to why they do that.

Great job with the interview.

No kidding, lots of good info there- I particularly appreciate the Le Terroir dryhopping rate. I’ve been lax on maintaining my solera, haven’t tasted anything in probably six months (!), but I’m inspired by the interview to pull samples of everything tonite.

Thanks guys…it was a lot of fun talking to her. Hope the interview helps someone brew better beer.

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