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New Belgium Somersault

So, I’ve been avoiding commercial beer ever since I got my brewing schedule down, but our neighborhood market/beer and wine store just went through a serious upgrade, and I went by to check it out. I saw New Belgium’s (new?) summer seasonal, Somersault, on the shelf and decided to give it a try.

I wasn’t very impressed. It’s not bad, it just has a weird, almost sour “twang” to it that doesn’t mesh well with the other flavors. I don’t know if it’s the “apricot” flavor they reference (derived from apricot extract? hops?) or maybe a Belgian yeast (I bottled a 3787 starter that has a similar bite) or what. It also doesn’t taste like “easy summer drinking,” imo. I suppose I can see where they came up with “Somersault,” although I think “Wrassle” may have been better, as the flavors kind of tumble around each other. Unfortunately, I don’t find that to be a good thing in this case. Nothing ever takes center stage like the hops did with their spring seasonal, Dig, which I dug a lot more.

Tried a bunch of New Belgium beers when I was in Colorado last year. That was the one I did not like.

I tried the somersault last night for the first time. At first the “twang” almost sour taste was very dominate , but as I continued to finish my first bottle it really kind of grew on me. I wouldn’t go out of my way to try again , but I do not regret purchasing a sixer. It would go almost perfect with a piece of grilled fish at the lake IMO

I saw it in the store last week. The description leads me to think its somewhat similar to Sam Adam’s Whitewater IPA with the inclusion of apricot in an American pale ale. I initially didn’t care for the Whitewater, but I finally got my palate around it and at least appreciate it. I wouldn’t seek that one out, but I wouldn’t push it away either. I’ll have to try the Somersault too.

i enjoyed it last year. I remember it being a pretty smooth light ale. I’ll have to try some this year and see if i notice any major differences

I thought it was ok. So far I think Dig was my favorite of their seasonal beers

I am a Hoptober fan.

I am a Hoptober fan.[/quote]
That’s been discontinued, you know. Being replaced this year by this, apparently: ... #more-4345

I’m drinking one right now. I’m enjoying it

i don’t detect a ‘sour twang’… but maybe my taste buds are stunted by the orange juice i drank earlier

but man. its got some great clarity

I had a taste of Somersault last night. Very nice Belgian Pale Ale in my opinion. Crisp with a low belgian phenolic yeast character and a modest yet spicey hop character. Its worth drinking, but I wouldn’t seek it out.

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