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New Belgium Snow Day

I believe it is a black IPA. The first one I tried was a little interesting, but now I try to get a six pack whenever I go to the store. They still carry it, but I think as spring starts, they might take it off the shelves; I believe it is a seasonal brew. But man, it sure is tasty!

Its incredible. Theres a piny quality to it that is awesome. Its in my top five. Cant say enough good things about it, but Ill spare everyone of reading that. Im drinking one now and its so good.

their next one up is called DIG its the spring seasonal pale ale. haven’t tried it yet but might get into it tonight.

If you want to stock up, get it soon. The distributors here are already out.

There was something about the hop character in snow day that I really didn’t care for. It’s hard for me to explain it but it was sort of a mellow character that came across as cloying to me (If that makes any sense :? )

Dig huh? I’ll have to try it. Also, in the mean time, I think I will stock up on a few more Snow Day’s. Midland is not a big craft beer town, so more for me!

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