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New Belgium Dig

Just picked up a six pack of this and halfway through it, I must say it’s very nice, I like it a lot better than Mighty Arrow. Sorachi Ace, Nelson Sauvin, and Cascade hops. Give it a try if you see it!

edit: I think its the seasonal replacement for mighty arrow.

Sorry guys but I think I am changing my opinion on this beer. After drinking a SN Torpedo I really can’t stand this beer anymore. The torpedo brought out a toasty biscuit flavor in the Dig that is really not agreeable to my palette. Still, its worth a try, I suggest first trying after a really stressful day! :cheers:

Ah, the Fat Tire effect.

Ah, the Fat Tire effect.[/quote]


i just brought a 6er home tonight, ehhh. its alright but nothing to write home about

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