New baseball team name

The single A Yakima Bears are relocating to Hillsboro, OR where their new name will be

Their new logo will feature a couple of hop cones.

who is their major league affiliate?

Boo ya! Oregon is where it’s at

Sounds like a hat worth buying in the future.

assuming this doesn’t change with the move, it would be Arizona Diamondbacks

Searching right now for a hat.

EDIT They won’t be available until November. Sounds like a Christmas present.

assuming this doesn’t change with the move, it would be Arizona Diamondbacks[/quote]

I was kind of hoping it was the Brewers. :wink:

Clark county, WA had a shot at this team but let it slip away. “The Vancouver Hops” has a nice ring to it.

I think the marketing opportunities and potential tie in products played a large part selecting the name, but that doesn’t make it any less cool for me. For those unfamiliar, Hillsboro was originally a farming community between Portland and the Coast Range, but with infill is now the western edge of the Portland metro area. The area is dominated by Intel and other chip manufacturers and the area is referred to as the “Silicon Forest.” Most of the hop production in Oregon is south of the Portland metro in the Willamette Valley, intermixed with the vineyards. As I love beer and baseball, I think a ride out to Hillsboro next summer to catch a Hops game or two is a must!

I’m not sure where they’ll be playing, hopefully close enough to the light rail to be able use it.

They’ve got shirts on the site now. I may wait for hats.

I’m holding out for a hoodie. Right now it’s just a couple of t-shirts… :frowning:

yes please bump this thread when the hoodies are available.

I’m definitely going to check out their site - I bleed Redbird Red (it’s true, really), but I’ll spring for a jersey with a hop cone logo.

Here’s an update I got via email:


Thank you for contacting the Hops! We will have some hooded sweatshirts and polos in the second week of December and hope to have some adjustable and flex fit hats available in mid-December.

Best regards,

Lauren Wombacher
Director of Merchandise
Hillsboro Hops Professional Baseball
Class A Affiliate of the Arizona Diamondbacks
(503) 640-0887 •[/quote]

^ wOOt! :smiley:

The Brewer’s have stalks of wheat in their logo, and the West Michigan Whitecaps has a wave, all we need is to have the Yakima Bears Change to the Yakima Yeasties.

Sweet. If they giddy up with some t-shirts… I’m there. Baseball and beer, what else do you want?! Oh wait, I remember now. :slight_smile:

They have hoodies now.