New Barley Crusher

I finally purchased a grain mill. I have a question that I haven’t seen asked anywhere else…

The instruction sheet that came with my mill the 'The first time the roller is in use or after the mill has set for extended period of time, run half a pound of grain through the mill and discard the grain, brush off the rollers and continue your grain bill". What is the reason behind discarding the grain? If I’m going to mash the grain and then boil the wort, is that truly needed waste?


Metal shavings?

I did it the first time I used mine (figured there might be some metal bits, machine oil, etc. on the rollers) but have not since. I brew every other week or so, and figure that is not really long enough for any remnants of grain to go stale, etc, and have not had any problems.

I’m not sure why there would be metal shavings, since it isn’t metal on metal and the grain would be the first thing going through the rollers.



This^, plus after sitting, residual grain dust may contain some nasties…I brush mine off after each use and that is all that I do.


Interesting. I never did this when I got my mill. To clean mine off, I just blow on it a lot (away from brewing area) to get any dust I can see off. I should get a brush though, I’m getting tired of getting a face full of grain dust when I do that.

I have a couple stainless steel wire brushes that I used on mine for the same purpose. I use them, now, after each use of the mill. It doesn’t make the rollers spotless, but does remove most of the material on them.

You can pick up stainless wire brushes in the welding section of most big box home improvement stores.

I just use a cheap nylon paint brush to clean it up after use.


I already have a nice nylon brush that is course enough to handle anything stuck to the rollers and a quick shot from an air compressor beats a face full of grain dust. :wink:

I always clean new gear before first use anyway. Just didn’t see the need or reason behind wasting any grain on something I’ve already cleaned.

Mouse :cheers:

[quote=“Dan S”][quote=“airlocksniffer”]I just use a cheap nylon paint brush to clean it up after use.[/quote]+1[/quote]+2

I just brew every few days.

I wouldn’t use a steel brush, you don’t want to dull the knurling unnecessarily. Maybe a brass brush would work. I like the nylon paint brush idea though.

I use a 2" nylon paint brush too, works very well.

I use a $0.99 chip brush and the shop vac immediately after milling. Works great!