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NEW Ball Lock Soda Keg, poppits not removable

I’ve been reading about maintanance and cleaning on kegs in the forum. I see some break down the kegs, poppits, etc… for cleaning. While looking at NB NEW Ball Lock Soda Keg Here

it says “Note that the poppets in these kegs are not removable or replaceable and should be cleaned in place.”

Is this a good thing? Could a bad taste or infection linger in parts that are not removable or is this part sealed to prevent this?

Does anyone have experience with these new keg types and can write about the good and bad of non removable poppits?

Thanks in advance

Edit to replace the link with Here

I have a couple of used ones that are the same. I make an effort to soak them upright and upside down with hot water and whatever cleaner your using. It seems to get clean and work fine.

I just bought a new keg from NB and Love it! I don’t think the poppets will be an issue if you just wash them good. I also push PBW and Starsan through them, so I don’t think anything can really build up in them.

FWIW, I always leave some Star San in the keg and then charge the keg for storage, pushing the “out” poppet to discharge a little Star San through the dip tube. Then just before racking to the clean, sanitized, stored keg, I push the “out” poppet valve to discharge the balance of the Star San. That way I know my dip tube is fully sanitized. For the CO2 “in” side, I guess you can get at it from the inside of the keg or rig something to hook up and pump Star San through it.


the only concern I would have is if the seal around the poppet starts to leak you won’t be able to replace it.

I don’t see a prob with cleaning as I rarely disassemble mine to clean but when the rubber wears out?

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