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New ball lock keg, no beer coming out of faucet


Got my 5 gallon ball lock keg kit from NB a few days ago, kegged my first batch Weds night and force carbonated it at 20 psi until tonight. Purged the head space CO2 and decreased the pressure to 12psi.

When I connect the faucet line to the liquid post, the line fills with beer, but when I open the faucet the beer in the line trickles out and then no more beer enters the line.

I pulled the dip tube and it’s clear, tried upping the CO2 pressure from 12psi to 15 and still no joy.

I pulled the post off and made sure the poppet wasn’t clogged.

I don’t think the fridge I had the keg and CO2 in is freezing anything as I have other liquids (beers, juice, water) in it.

Not sure what else to check/try.


Did you make sure that the line isn’t kinked. In addition did you make sure there isn’t a CO2 leak?

no kinks on either the CO2 or the beer line (it’s clear plastic tubing that comes with this … w-keg.html )

no CO2 leak either, did the soap test on all lines and the keg lid.

Is the beer carbonated? I have noticed that sometime with under carbonated beer that when you pull the tap the pressure drops and therefore won’t push the beer.

I had tossed some spices (it’s a pumpkin ale) into the keg after I filled it, turns out it all settled in the very middle of the keg in that small depression. When the dip tube was pointed in the middle, the sediment blocked the flow. 1/4 turn of the dip tube and the beer flows freely. Egg on my face.

Thanks y’all!

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