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New Android Brew App

Just released a new Android Brew Day app to be used in conjunction with the BeerSmith 2.0 software. App is designed to be a recipe viewer and brew day buddy to help achieve the brew you design in BeerSmith. App is free, so try it out and let me know what you think.

Here is the link to the download page: Brew Buddy

And here is a link to my initial forum posting at App Thread
BeerSmith Android Brew Buddy | Homebrew Talk - Beer, Wine, Mead, & Cider Brewing Discussion Forum

Ill be doing updates and addressing bugs mainly at that site, but will check here as much as possible as well

Just released a new version of BrewAide (name changed due to having another BrewBuddy on iOS already)

version 2.2 is now current: New features, portrait mode, better timers, fixed some bugs

Coming Soon: BeerXML support

New Version Released, Heres the update notes:
-Added Timer Check before opening new recipe
-Added Ability to read multiple recipe Files (see below for information)
-Added version popup to give description of updates
-Fixed crashes due to poorly formatted recipe files (mainly BeerXML from other programs, hopefully I finally covered all possible formation mishaps)
-Fixed displaying of updated Dropbox file on reopen, was updating the Dropbox but not the cache which is uses to reopen on launch when its the last recipe, so if you updated a recipe then closed and reopened app it would show the pre update version, if you closed again it would update back to pre update, so got that fixed

As for opening multiple files this is how it works, the larger the number of recipes the longer it will take to open. If you close with that file open it will have to reopen the file when you open the app. There is a dialog that pops up to let you know its working. Once open, going back into the folder and reclicking the file wont reload the file but bring up the selection again (this applies to single recipes as well, it wont reload the file but bring you directly to the recipe view). Updating only updates the current recipe and not the entire file, so if you switch recipes it wont update the previous recipe, however it should save the info until you close the app so if you switch back to it the info should still be there.

This does not change or effect any previous function with files, if you choose to still export your recipes in single files it will open them just as fast as before

As always hope you are enjoying the app and let me know of any new features requested

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