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New and need help

I’m new to wine making I am doing a vitners reserve piers porter its on day 7 in the secondary obi have a couple of BBC questions when I racked to the secondary somr of the efelflowers gotbin the carboy and are floating is this ok? And when and how do I use this f pack the instructions are kinda confusing.

#1 - Elder Flours are a pain in the arse sometimes. They do not drop out of the wine the way oak does. It is not a huge issues but you may have to make a little extra effort. Best thing to do is put them in a muslin bag originally. If not, as in your case, you may just have to rack the wine a few extra times to get rid of them. Or else put the wine through a filter at the end.

#2 - F pack is pretty easy. Goes in like everything else at processing phase. De-gas / add sulphite and sorbate / De-gas / add F pack / Degas / stir in fining.

Only issue is space in the carboy. But the Piesporter F pack is not very big, so I doubt it will be a problem. If you think you may have an issue getting the F pack in with enough room to continue degassing, you can always remove a small volume of wine while processing with the F pack and fining. Then add back at the end to top up. But as I say, it is not a huge pack, so this is likely not needed.

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