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New $8 Magazine - "Craft Beer & Brewing"

Has anyone (else) heard of this new magazine, “Craft Beer & Brewing”? On the surface, it seems nice. I looked into a subscription, and they’re offering a grand total of four (4) issues per year for a discounted rate of about $30. Does anyone have any other information on this publication… such as whether its any good, let alone worth $8 an issue. For $8, I’d rather buy a six-pack.

I got email about it from beersmith. It’s only 28 dollars on there if your order it through beersmith site. I already get Byo and Zymurgy magazines. Which are great would find it hard for this new one to be better than them

From the title it sounds like it would be aimed at pro not home brewers.

Picked up a copy a couple of days ago. It appears to be aimed at the craft beer drinker, with some articles on home brewing recipes and techniques. Interesting, but not quite enough emphasis on home brewing for me to subscribe. You can get a free issue and subscription (which can be cancelled at no cost) at

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