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NEIPA is a thing

Well just read that the New England IPA is officially a brewing category and will be allowed in competition in the gabf. I guess that means the end of that style right. Like how many BIPA do you see now. I like it to baseball players they are always a step behind. Remember when the gote was popular then all the players sported them it was over. Now they have beards and that’s getting old. Remember teenagers we’re the only ones on Facebook. I don’t know any teens on Facebook now. I’m telling you I’m see more and more sours. Just some late afternoon musings after brewing

All that snow and slush has affected yer thinnin’… Sneezles61

Like I said just musings my friend. Everything we find popular is just a fleeting fad. “Today’s winners are tomorrow’s blinking toads, dumb beasts with no hope” H Thompson


Do think sour is the next thing. Ipa will be still around. But the hype will be sour. Now neipa. Beer. Me did try one yesterday. Not really my thing

New Belgium has an offering too… flat, extremely cloudy… Its there voodoo series of brews… There old original offerings were more suited to my taste buds… Sneezles61

I hear ya @brew_cat. You’re absolutely right. NEIPA although popular is just another passing fad.

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