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Need to add more yeast as original was a dud

Well, I brewed on Sunday and my wyeast smackpack was barely inflated (and I noticed that it was 5.5 months past the date it was made), but I thought I would try it anyways and after 42 hours, no activity. If I look at the hydrometer, the reading is the same - still 1.045. I can see a layer of white at the bottom of the carboy, so I assume that the yeast just fell to the bottom.

I purchased another smackpack of the yeast and this one is fully swollen after only 3 hours, so I should do better with this one. Do you recommend that I swirl the wort a little or a lot before I add the yeast? I am thinking that I was to shake it around like I did before I added the original yeast - nice an vigorous, do you agree?

thanks all

If you’re certain fermentation hasn’t started (I would take another gravity reading just to be sure) then yes it is totally ok to re-aerate, and probably a good idea.

Also, in the future you should use yeast starters. Even modest gravity beers like this one benefit from a starter, particularly if they are older packets and the viability isn’t all that great.

I would not have become slightly concerned until +72 hours.

I doubt you can hurt the beer at this point by giving it a good shake to add O2 when adding the new yeast.

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