Need Suggestions For 2nd Come Back

I was thinking about this 2nd come back today. My wife was having a bad day from her chemo treatment this past week, thank god she only has one chemo session left before she starts radiation. I just leave here alone on these kind of days, I remember chemo after effects well.
In the past I had often thought about brewing a beer with just one particular hop for bittering, flavor, and aroma. I figured on using a light colored extract with some light crystal malt, and 1056 or 05 yeast. I figured I would see if anyone had any other suggestions. I want the hop character to come through and not be covered up with the malt and yeast profile. So I’m open for suggestions.

Now some information to pass along to you guys with wives our girlfriend’s. If a doctor has ever told them that they have DENSE breast make sure they request more testing than just the regular mammogram when they have the yearly test done. When my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer she had just had her yearly mammogram done and it SHOWED NOTHING. She had a 5cm tumor in her left breast. They said the mammogram didn’t detect it because she has dense breast. They found her tumor with a ultrasound when she complained about pain in her breast and back. I hope that this information may help someone. I know that my wife is suffering from the lack of this information.


05, or 1056 are good choices for a neutral yeast.

Single hop beers are fun to do, and good to learn from.

If you can get it: Simcoe makes a great single hop beer.
Columbus, or Centennial would also be good choices.

I’ve also heard that the New Zealand varieties are pretty good.

How cool can you ferment?

Some Pilsen LME and some French Strisselspalt Hops.

S-05 can go down into the 50’s for a quazi Lager. I use the Strisselspalt for my Sasions with WY3711 yeast.

Good vibes to you and your wife.

I assumed you wanted an IPA. Nighthawks advice made me think otherwise.

what style are you shooting for?

[quote=“S.Scoggin”]I assumed you wanted an IPA. Nighthawks advice made me think otherwise.

what style are you shooting for?[/quote]

I was shooting for something a little “unusual”. :slight_smile:

I just received a pound of Strisselspalt. I’ll need to take my own advice on this one. :cheers:

S. Scoggin & Nighthawk,

Thanks for the quick reply"s. I may give you ideas a shot. I have used pilsen malt with 05 yeast and fermented in the low 50th in the past. It made some nice beers.
Thanks Again,