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Need some quick advice on yeast starter

Situation - A friend prematurely activated the smack pack for his Belgiun Tripel. He doesn’t have a yeast starter or a starter kit.

Can he brew a high gravity Tripel without a yeast starter and what are the upside and downside of that?

Should he take the yeast as a loss, order new yeast along with a starter kit?

Can he get some additional dry yeast in time (before the smack pack is no good) and just add some extra yeast?

Stick the yeast back in the fridge until he can make a starter. One pack won’t be enough for 5 gallons of Tripel.

1 pack CAN brew a Tripel with no starter…
It can brew about 1.5-2 gallons of tripel, not 5. :lol:

You have a couple of options.

  1. Put the pack back in the fridge and buy more yeast.
  2. Put the pack back in the fridge, order a starter kit, make a starter and brew.
  3. Brew a smaller batch… maybe 2 gallons or so. Then rinse the yeast and save it for another larger batch later.
  4. Brew something else that’s a lower gravity. First thing that comes to mind, Patersbier. Simple grain bill, 1 hop, and the yeast from the Tripel should work just fine for a Patersbier. Then rinse and collect the yeast from the Patersbier and you’ll have enough to brew your Tripel in just a few weeks.

I would recommend option 4.
Good luck! :cheers:

Make a 2L starter in a 1gal glass jug (apple juice comes in these at the store). Use some of the extract from the tripel kit, ferment the starter at a modest temp and pitch the whole thing wort and all into the batch so you don’t lose any gravity on the kit itself.

That said, a smacked pack that went back in the fridge will still have plenty of viable yeast for weeks, enough for a starter for sure.

so if the yeast is placed back in the fridge, it can last a week or more?

Much more.

[quote=“Denny”]Much more.[/quote]+1 Just made a batch of Saison with a 3711 pack dated Aug 2011.

I think the nutrient pack you break open only has a very little bit of sugar to cause enough swelling that you know the yeast is alive. It won’t break open and the yeast don’t all die just because they’ve had a tiny snack.

Thanks everyone.

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