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Need some help with my first batch with fresh fruit

I’ve made two batches of wine so far (kits with just the juice). My father-in-law has provided me with 10 lbs. of freshly picked Muscadine grapes and has requested that I turn it into delicious wine.

I’m a fairly experienced all grain beer brewer, but I’m used to using BeerSmith for my recipes.

Can anyone here walk me through the process of making wine with fresh grapes? I’m looking for a step by step if anyone has the time. I’m making a 6 gallon batch.

  1. How much juice should I look to get out of the grapes for a 6 gallon batch?
  2. As far as the stabalizers and clarifiers, how much of which kinds?
  3. Recommended gravity readings for the different stages?
  4. For this style of grape, how long should I age it if at all?

Any and all advice is appreciated!

Here’s a simply method for you:
De-stem the grapes and press. Discard the skins for those grapes (Goal would be 6qts juice).

Add Camden tablets to kill unwanted yeast, bacteria.

after 24 hrs, Using your hydrometer add sugar till you hit the 1.3 mark, add yeast (Red Star Cote des Blancs, or similar).

After 6 -10 days, add to secondary 6gl fermenter, add enough sugar to hit the 1.5/.8 mark, top up with water to 5.5 gls. total volume.

Rack in 60 days, then every 30 till done (back sweeten to taste).

Thank you,

I do appreciate it!

Out of curiosity, is there any software for making wine similar to beersmith?

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