Need knowledge - Second Fermentation

Novice brewer with Caribou Slobber. Brewed on January 1st with successful krausen and fall back. Allowed to sit in carboy with temp at 65; transferred to second fermenter on January 16th with minimal transfer of wort. Temp maintained at 65. Have been out of town on business and just checked to find active fermentation on surface with gas release through airlock. Is this normal? I had planned to let it sit and bottle on Feb 14th. Need your experience please.

This sounds normal to me. Off-gassing can continue on for quite some time after fermentation completes.

You should be able to bottle any time, but if you wish to confirm (I would on my first batch), you can take a gravity reading a few days apart. If the readings are the same (remember to compensate for sample temp), the beer is ready to bottle.