Need ideas please

Ok I pitched to hot see this thread.


Looks like its done. Reading 1.012 atm foam has dropped and airlock as stopped more or less. Tasted good flat but expected that maybe a bit fruity and sweet smelled good. Should I move this into a second to let it set a few weeks to let it clean up a bit. Thinking about freeing up my large carboy for doing a Caribou Slobber.

Its an american wheat says 1-2 weeks its been 5 days. I assume heat, 1 l yeast starter, pure air with stone, could have made it get done this fast? And is 1.012 done. If I recall its a good fg reading.

I’d let it sit for another week.

If you want to give the yeast a chance to clean up, leave the beer on the yeast cake. You should have no issues leaving the beer on the yeast for 4-6 weeks (or more).

At 1.012 it’s probably finished fermenting but give it AT LEAST another 3 days to clean up. If there aren’t any off flavors, they’re not going to develop afterward. Also, wheat beers are pretty good green.

Plan ahead to get the next beer’s temp down quicker. If you’re topping off, put your top off water in the fridge the day before (or freezer the day of). I was usually adding about 3gallons of 40F water to 2 gallons of 100F wort and was hitting pitching temp perfectly.


Leaving an American wheat for another month on the cake sounds excessive. It has fermented warm, but not hot so it should only take a couple days to clean up. Wheat beers are often very good when they are young. I would bottle it soon. If it tastes green let it age longer in the bottles.