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Need ideas for using up some hops

I am trying to put together a pale ale or american amber recipe to use up some hops I have left in the fridge that are over a year old. They are as follows:

1 oz Amarillo
1 oz Cascade
1 oz Mosaic
1 oz Ahtanum

I’ve never used Ahtanum and Mosaic before. I’ve had beers with those hops and enjoyed them, but I don’t know how much the said hops played a part of it. How would you guys use these? My one concern is that it could be pretty tropical and citrusy, so it could be pretty one dimensional.

The point here is not to go buy more hops and make a IIPA, but to use them up. That said, if the general consensus is that they all won’t play well together I certainly don’t have to use them all, but I would like the majority used on a recipe.

Sounds like the start of a nice APA right there. Mosaic has some dankness, and Amarillo and Cascade both have floral components going on, so it shouldn’t be a straight-on fruit bomb.

I’d bitter with a clean bittering hop like Magnum, and split the rest between late additions and dry hops.

Thinking now to FWH the Ahtanum and do a 60 min addition of 0.5 oz Cascade. Then blend the other 0.5 oz with the Amarillo and throw it in @ 5 min. Dry hop with Mosaic for 5 days. Yeast would be BRY-97.

Whatever you do, I would suggest reserving enough to dry hop with 1 ounce (or more–but not sure you could do that with only 4 oz–especially given the age of the hops).

Depending on what flavor profile you want, I’d be tempted to pick one for bittering at 60 minutes (amount depends on your desired IBU level), do a long hop stand with 2 oz and then dry hop with one ounce.

Btw, BRY97 is a very slow starter but a good yeast in my opinion. Pitch in the low 60s and ferment there as well. Good luck.

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