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Need help with original gravity

So basically, I made a 5 gallon batch of cider, and ended up with an o.g. of 1.064. After pitching my yeast, I realized that I needed to add another 1/2 gallon of apple juice after noticing my carboy was 1/2 gallon short of the 5 gal mark. I added the juice but didnt bother taking another gravity reading at that time. Now I can’t help but wonder how much the gravity may have changed. I tested the gravity of the juice by itself and know it is 1.050. Is there any way to calculate the approximate o.g. with the information given (1/2 gallon juice with gravity of 1.050 added to 4.5 gallons of 1.064 solution)? Thanks!


I am utilizing promash to give you a dilution estimate. There are many other free calculators all over the web you can find also.

4.5 gallons @ 1.064 diluted with 0.5 gallons juice @ 1.050 = 1.063
I have seen many unaltered/un-chapitalized ciders range around 1.040-1.050 straight from the press depending on blend or choice of apples used. If you happened to have juice that was only 1.040 at an extreme low then you would see around 1.061-1.062 So an educated guess would be 1.061-1.063 as it sits. So no difference in overall ABV % really.

Thanks ItsPossible! I figured it may have only dropped by a few points, but wasn’t sure.

Dropping the front part of the gravity reading:

(4.5g x 64) + (.5g x 50) = 288 + 25 = 313/5g = 62.6

Or like IT said, 1.063

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