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Need help with making starter with slurry

Hi All,

I have some 2.5 week old slurry from a 1.050 American Amber (US-05).

I’m going to make a T-can wheat at about 1.050-1.055 OG, this weekend

I figure I need to make a starter, then, starting about Wed-Thursday?

tips, please…

6 oz DME to 2 qts water

and then how much slurry?


i wouldn’t bother with a starter for yeast that fresh.

a month or more in fridge, then a starter is good insurance, but i’d just pitch about a cup of good thick slurry from what you harvested, (decant most of the liquid first).


I agree that you shouldn’t need a starter until your slurry is a month old.
Just use the Mr Malty “repitching from slurry” tab.

ok, thanks very much!

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