Need Help With Blichmann Fermenator Assembly

I just received my Blichmann Conical yesterday and I decided to try to put it together today. The paperwork that came with this thing is not so great. Small images in black and white. I found the file on Blichmann with colored images but it still isn’t great. I’m reading the first step of putting this thing together which is Assembling the bottom dump. This requires a Bulkhead nut and a threaded bulk head. My bulk head that came in the box has no threads, and I did not receive a nut in my entire package. I attached a photo of all the items included in my feremenator upon opening. Can someone with experience with these help a noob out? Am I missing something here, literally or cognitively?

If that’s all you received with the conical then I’d regretably be forced to agree that you have no nuts.

Looks like you were shorted some parts. Bummer. Was it purchased locally or online?

This was purchased from the Northern Brewer website

Call them. I’m sure they’ll make it right for you. I’ve always been more than satisfied by their customer service.