Need help with a conversion

So I do not have an all grain setup and would like to brew this beer for the summer can anyone help with converting to extract I have been searching on how to do this and can’t seem to find the info. any procedural info would be helpful as well.

Lime ale

4 lbs Two row
3 lbs wheat
2 lbs flaked wheat
.5 lbs aromatic malt
.25 lbs flaked oats

1 oz kent golding (60 min)
.5 oz kent golding (15 min)
.5 oz saaz (1 min)

.75 oz corriander seed (15 min)
2 limes zest (15 min)

wyeast 3944

Thanks and cheers :cheers:

You could do it long hand on paper, figure out the points per gallon each malt contributes. Then subtract out the the base grain and sub in some LME/DME. But that is a lot of work.

The easier way is to use a recipe calculator. Most have a trial time period (BeerTools, ProwMash, BeerSmith). Some are shareware (strangebrew) and some are free (qbrew). Enter all the ingredients and note the OG. Then remove the base grains and add in LME/DME until you match the OG>

The 2row and wheats approximately give an OG of 1.047 in 5 gallons.

NB sells a dry wheat extract that doesn’t list the mix of grains. To match the OG of the recipe you would need 5.5bs. Drop it to 5 and add .75lb of table sugar to match the OG and help dry it out a little.

With NB’s LME, a mix that is off, you need just under 6.4lbs. Use one of the 3.15lb jugs and add 3lb of table sugar will match the OG. But the % of table sugar is about 48%. To high IMO.

You could do a mix. 3.15LME, 2b DME and 1lb table sugar.

Keep the rest of the ingredients the same for steeping.

Give Strangebrew a trial. Even after some features are disabled it may still meet your needs. Or send the author $15.

Thanks, this is exactly what I was looking for. :cheers:

Oats and flaked wheat need to be mashed, so you really shouldn’t use those in an extract batch unless you want to try your hand at mini-mashing. You’ll want to sub those with extra malt extract. I’ll calculate the conversion for you in a minute…

I agree with the recommendation about StrangeBrew – that is my favorite brewing software! But of course there are dozens of different softwares out there, so try several and see which one you like best. (StrangeBrew, StrangeBrew, StrangeBrew…)

EDIT: Yeah, for an extract batch I would stick with just 5 lb wheat DME, 0.75 lb cane sugar, and 0.5 lb Aromatic malt. Basically ignore the oats and flaked wheat in the recipe, you don’t really need them, as the only thing those ingredients will do for you in an extract beer is to cloud it up and make your beer more prone to bacterial infection due to unconverted starches – not a good idea.

Alternatively, if you wanted, you could mash a pound of two row, the aromatic malt, oats, and flaked wheat together in a bag,
“steeping” in about 1.5 gallons of hot water and hold at about 150 F for an hour, then lift the bag out draining off and saving the liquid, add more water and the extract, and use it to brew as normal. Mini-mash accomplished! This is probably the best idea if you are willing to give it a try.

Ok so to use the flaked grains I would have to do a small brew in the bag, good to know. do you know why they have to be mashed? not a big thing just trying to learn more, but sounds like for this brew they will not be necessary. thanks for the help. cheers

I missed the oats when I looked at this. Thanks dmtaylo2 for pointing that out. Actually I missed the flaked wheat and had to redo my work.

The flake oats do not have any natural enzymes in them to convert the starches to sugar. So a little 2 row, 1:1 would be fine, is needed to convert them. Malted wheat has the enzymes, but the flaked do not.

Here is a listing of common grains and there diastatic powers. ... your-beer/

Thanks for the info. That is very good info I did not know that some of the grains do not produce any enzymes to do the conversion. As always thanks for all the help. Cheers