Need help new to brewing

I’ve mistakenly have my beer fermenting in the bucket with the tap attached. So when I go to bottle my beer I’ll have to transfer it to the other bucket w/o the tap, clean the bucket, then transfer it back to the bucket with the tap to make life easier when I go to bottle the beer. Any advise if I should do anything else? Thanks I appreciate any responses.

You could go to your local homebrew store and buy a new spigot and just drill a hole and install it on your other bucket. Should only cost a coupla bucks and your time. Both my buckets have spigots in them, so I guess I don’t technically have a fermenting bucket, but its worked fine for me for years.

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Leave it in that bucket, when it comes time to bottle transfer to other bucket and use auto siphon to bottle should work just fine. forgot use priming sugar calc. from NB.

Look at this as an excuse to start kegging? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Thanks for the tips guys. On a side note…I brewed last Sunday 2/14 and the airlock has no evaporation or foam coming up. As that normal? The beer is the block party amber ale.

Is it bubbling?

Amen to that