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Need Help: Natural Carbonation Issues

So…I bought the Town Hall 1800 Historic English IPA Pro Series Kit from NB. I have made over 6 beers so far with no carbonation issues. I bottled the 1800 IPA approx. 4 months ago and still have seen NO carbonation in any of the bottles. Soooo what went wrong??? My first guess was that I flat out forgot to mix the corn sugar when bottling… I also bottled a farmhouse ale on the same day which happened to be more carbonated than what I expected. Maybe I put both sugar mixtures into the farmhouse ale?

So how do I salvage the 1800? Could I open the bottles, drop a couple of sugar tablets in and re cap? Other than potentially contaminating the beer are there any obvious issues that I am missing? Any better suggestions for saving the beer?

First off welcome to the forum :cheers:

I have not done it myself but have read that carb tabs have been successfully added to beers that did non carbonate. After that amount of time if they are all completely flat I would say you really don’t have much to lose. Try tasting one first to see if you can detect any sugar.

If it does work out for you be sure to check back to let us know.

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