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Need help, little confused

One week after brewing day the foam has fallen back into the new beer. It says it will take 1-2 weeks. But the next step “bottling” says 2 weeks after brew day. So my question is, do I wait the 2nd week, or go a head and bottle toady? It’s my first batch and I’m just a little confused. Any help will be much appreciated.
Thank you.

That foam on top is part of the krausen process. I will suspect you haven’t a hydrometer, so, I would do all you can to wait. As much as 3 more weeks, then quietly rack/siphon into another bucket, leave as much sediment (trub) behind as you can. Now you would utilize your bottling sugar. Stir very splashing or excessive action, and into the bottle! I’m certain someone can weigh in as to how to do the priming sugar… Sneezles61

1 gallon batch?

gizmo- one important thing to remember is that your yeast didn’t read the instructions, and they work on their own schedule. That’s based on available food, and temperature. If you fermented warm then it’s quite possible that you may have had a wicked strong initial fermentation, and VISIBLE signs of fermentation are done. The 2nd thing to remember is that visible signs mean next to nothing. The yeast are still working, albeit quieter and more peacefully. Especially if you had a over-vigorous initial fermentation, then off-flavor products (diacetyl being one) were produced that the yeast are now working on. You want them to do this. So, long-winded answer that confirms what sneezles said- give her time. Good luck!
edit: Damn beer bottle glasses. I originally read “1 day” instead of “1 week”. One week fermentation is quite common. But I would still wait another week for it to finish. And if you don’t have a hydrometer, get one. In fact, get two- they break easily.

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For your first kit, if you are trying to follow the instructions, do your bottling instructions look like this (one gallon kit):

or like this (five gallon extract kits):


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