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Need Help! Infection?

Need help from some experienced brewers. Is this infection or is this just kraeusen forming. This is my first time using a carboy for fermenting so it has me wondering. If it helps this is NB Honey Brown Ale with Safale US-05 yeast. It has been fermenting for 24 hours and is at 64 degrees.[attachment=0]photo-1.JPG[/attachment][attachment=0]photo-1.JPG[/attachment]

Looks like a krausen to me. Nice job on keeping the temp low (I’m assuming beer temp is 64*?)


Looks like healthy fermentation to me!

Your beer has a yeast infection. Don’t F@#$ with it. …at least until it clears.

Perfectly healthy yeast doing their thing.

Totally ruined. After the infection clears in a couple weeks I suggest you send it to me ASAP for proper disposal. :smiley:

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