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Need Grand Cru advice fast!

I recently bought the Minibrew 8 gallon conical fermenter and I’m dying to use it.
I’ve got 2 cans of Grand Cru extract, two 1.8 pound bags (774 g) of LME, and some coriander and orange peel to go with each can. Rolling with Jamil and Tasty’s advice, I was going to make them separately and work on my process but it turns out I have only 1 month left in Japan before I go back home to Canada for summer vacation. I want to get this done tomorrow morning. It’s nearly midnight here and I’m at least 12 hours ahead of you on the Stateside. Fast advice is important. The can only makes 9 liters (unlike the usual extract I buy that makes 19 liters or nearly 5 gallons) so I’m thinking of brewing both cans. As a non AG brewer as of yet, I’d follow all the steps I usually do that have worked for me with my first 20 brews. The parts I want to confirm are:
Should I go ahead and make a yeast starter with both of the supplied yeast packs and then dump them in? I’m thinking that makes sense as there will be double the work to be done converting all the fermentables into alcohol.
2) Even though my new fermenter is high grade plastic should I stick to dish soap and then boiling water for a quick cleaning as opposed to bleach? (I don’t have any fancy iodophor or sanstar(?) right now.
3) The fermenter didn’t come with any documentation and I bought the thermometer as well. I guess I can clean the thermometer and screw it in and go for it?
That and any other advice would be much appreciated.

If your going to make both cans, I would use both packs of yeast. Making a starter is optional, but usually not needed for dry yeast, just a simple hydration in lukewarm water. From what I’ve read about starters and dry yeast, a starter could be detrimental to the process.

As far a decon, I would wash the fermenter with soap and water, then assuming your water is clorinated and relativly safe for consumption, I would use a light solution of bleach and water to wipe out the fermenter, then rinse.

If you have a fairly short lag time, I think you’ll be OK.

Good luck!

Much appreciated. Will brew both cans soon and a light bleach cleaning…

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