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Need Brew Timer for PC (not mobile)

I know in the modern age most everyone uses smart phones but I have recently reverted back to the flip to save some money. I am having a difficult time finding a brew day timer specifically for the PC. Every link in the forums I have found is from a few years back and no longer active. I have also been searching online and as well not having much luck.

Surely there is one out there somewhere :?:

Gotta watch? Even the cheapo timexs have timers.


[quote=“StormyBrew”]Gotta watch? Even the cheapo timexs have timers.

:cheers: [/quote]

But need one that can program multiple alerts in a set time frame, just like the mobile apps for brewing.

I just use the timer on my stove. When it goes off, I set it for the next addition.

The Beersmith 2 desktop app has brew timers

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Here is your answer… Brewery Timer. Go to and download it. It works great on the PC. I wish someone would port it to Raspberry Pi so I can run it on my flat screen in the garage where I brew. Anyway, enjoy to app.


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