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Need advice for bourbon barrel porter

Anyone have suggestions on adding bourbon soaked oak chips?

I use oak chips. I soak them in the bourbon for 24 hrs, strain out the oak and add the bourbon. Works for me
Edit: I also only use 5oz bourbon per 5 gallons

Procedure sounds good. soak for 24 hrs, to drain or not to drain is up to you. If you want a noticeable bourbon flavor then, do not drain. If you are looking for a less pronounced bourbon, but still the subtle oak flavor, then drain. ( I would drain, but it’s interesting either way IMHO).
Also, IMHO, Makers Mark is a good choice. Smokey enough/yet still sweet.

Prost!!! :cheers:

Any particular type of oak chips? I guess I’ll drain, I like subtle flavors in beer.

I used dark American oak chips because that is what I had on hand. I’ve made this beer 5 times and have used the same 1oz of oak all 5 times.

When do you add it? I was going to add it after fermentation is complete around week 2. Is that correct?

I usually use Oak Cubes rather than chips, and soak them for a good week or two.

If you’re into subtle flavours, then I would get light or medium toast. IMy palate isn’t developed enough to really taste the difference between types of oak (American / Hungarian / French).

Add them once fermentation has finished, and then sample every few days until you get the amount of oak flavour that you want.

I add it when I keg the beer. You could add it in the bottling bucket, just make sure it gets mixed in well. :cheers:

Edit: Keep in mind there isn’t a wrong way to do this. Just do what works best for you and gives you your desired results.

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