Need a recipe using 50% to 100% Munich malt

Hi. I am new to the forum and just purchased 55lbs of Belgian Munich 8L and was wondering what recipe could I use 70%-100% Munich in? Looking at using S-05 yeast or 1056. I have 30 different types of hops (German,American,English), just need a good recipe. Thanks

How about a SMASH beer…pick a hop and go with it. I did recently, all munich and simcoe and it’s conditioning now and in a few weeks I get to try it.

I frequently do most or all Munich AIPA.

Alts and Munich Dunkels use very high percentages of Munich. A clean ale yeast like 1056 might provide a parallel to a clean lager taste.

+1 to an Alt

i’d use wyeast 1007

Google weyermann einkehrschwung. Great recipe on the weyermann site.

Munich Dunkel:

10 lbs Munich
1/4 lb Carifa Special 3

20-25 BTUs of noble hops

Lager yeast

Of course, that means temperature control…