Need a pump for my wort chiller

I’ve been away from brewing for way too long and I’m ready to jump back in. But I just realized that sometime between then and now I replaced my kitchen faucet and it no longer has the threaded piece I need to attach the hose for my wort chiller. I was looking for an inexpensive sump pump type of thing that I could use to pump ice water through my immersion chiller and then realized that gallons per minute would be an important thing to consider so I didn’t drain my bucket of ice water faster than my faucet could fill it up.

So… any suggestions for a kitchen brewer who can’t connect a chiller to the faucet? And unfortunately running a garden hose from elsewhere is a no go.

Thanks all… can’t wait to get back to business :slight_smile:

Check out the small submersible pump use on a masonry block saw, also most pumps don’t mind be controlled AFTER the stream leaves the pump… called head pressure… Sneezles61

Different flow rates for the garden/lawn decorative fountain pumps. They’re inexpensive also.


+1 to this. And since the water never touches wort, there’s no need to worry abut “food grade.” Just hit Lowes/Home Depot.

Good deal… .thanks guys. I hadn’t thought about fountain pumps. Looks like amazon has plenty of inexpensive choices. :+1:

I use one of those cheap pumps you put on the end of your drill and it works great. They are under ten bucks at Walmart.