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Need a new hop blend for IPA's

I need a change of pace in my IPA’s. I’ve used the 4 C’s plus Citra, Simcoe, and Amarillo. I love them all but may be stuck in a rut. My typical IPA’s are 1.062-1.072 OG and light in body with 60-100 IBU’s. Malt is 2-row, on the order of 10% vienna or 2-row mild, a bit of light crystal, carapils, and sugar.

Anyone care to suggest a good mix of other American varieties ?


Why limit yourself to American varieties? You could try some British varieties (Target, Fuggles, Challenger, EKG) to make something different. Or go with German-type hops like Denny’s Rye IPA uses (all Mt. Hood, plus a Columbus dry hop addition).

Or maybe you need a break from IPAs. There is a lot more variety out there…

Mosaic, Palisade, Willamette among others.

You can also look “down under” for non American hops with a nice IPA attitude.

I say don’t change the hops, change the grain bill… :0

you could also spice things up with you and your IPA’s intimate life with some of the pacific rim hops - galaxy, pac jade, mosaic, zythos will all add awesome character to “American” IPAs.

Nelson Sauvin play well with American hops

I like mosaic/cascade combo to change things up. Less resiny and more tropical fruity and citrusy with some grassy tones as well. Though if you go this route, i suggest a lower target FG as that combo accentuates sweetness and may be a bit too much with a higher FG IPA.

As far as bittering hops, these tend to taste similar to me. I guess my palette isn’t as refined as some peoples but the only difference I can really discern in different bittering hops is the harshness. Other than that, they’re all about the same to me.

Good suggestions. American IPA is still my ‘comfort’ beer. I’ve made quite a few English pales and bitters so I know Challenger, Target, EKG, and Fuggle. Looks like I may be giving the PAC rim varieties a try.

How about a hop blend with Chinook as a finishing hop ? I’ve used it for bittering frequently, but never as a finisher,

IMO chinook is a great finishing hop

Some of the IPA’s I’ve tried with lots of Chinook in the finish (even as dry hop) were very good.

On a different note…I have some Calypso I picked up recently to try. Fairly high alpha, but I’ve heard they can give an ok finish. Anyone have much experience with them in IPA’s (or anything else)?

Thank you.

I made a nice American IPA a few weeks ago. I used Warrior and Magnum for bittering, and a mix of Falconers Flight, Centennial, and Cascade for flavor and aroma. I dry hopped in the keg with cascade. I used 70% MO, 25% Vienna, and 5% crystal 60. O.G. was 1.060 but it finished at 1.008 so it is 6.5 Alc. The yeast was 1056. American IPA is not my favorite style because so many of them have a milk weed flavor and aroma that I find objectionable. This one came out citrusy and refreshing with plenty of hop character.

English IPAs are my favorite. Think English ingredients, but hop to the level that an American would use. I would use 90% MO, 10% English Crystal 60, and I often throw in an ounce or two of dark malt for color. I have used dark crystal, and it covers up some of the hop character so I like the lighter crystal better. For hops, I like 50-60 IBU of Fuggles or Challenger. Add East Kent Goldings for flavor and aroma at twice the rate as you would for a pale ale. Dry hop with EKG. I like Wyeast 1968, but often experiment with other yeasts. OG should be 1.062-65. This will be more complex than your average American IPA. I hope to have time to brew one of these before new year.

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