need a little help

A friend loaned me beer making equipment that someone had given her. I’m new to this
so I went through what she had. I should tell you that I’ve been researching this for a bit.
There are these 5 liter kegs with this equipment. It also has a hand pump/tapper and
two hand size CO2 doohickeys and cartridges. My understanding is that the kegs won’t
keep with oxygen. My question is what do I need to use these CO2 doohickeys with the
kegs. I also have those rubber doohickeys that go in the top of the kegs and plugs. I know
I lied, I need alot of help, so any would be greatly appreciated.

is this the type of keg you recieved?

Thanks Pashusa, looks just like except no spout at the bottom. Tried to post pics this morning
of what I have but am having trouble. Took a break and looked in the the draft forum
and think I found part of the info that I was looking for. Again, thank you fit the help.