Need a little help with timing my hops

Hey guy! I decided to take a fellow forum crawler’s advice and start SMaSH brewing. I havn’t actually started yet because i need a little help with the timing for insertion of my hops. I’m preped for two, 1 gallon batches: a Citra Based IPA and a Glacier based Pale Ale. I’m using 2.5lbs of 2 Rows for each. I also only have 2g’s of each type of hops. I think i have my timing for my IPA, which i’ll post bellow but i have no idea about the pale ale. Please help
Citra Ipa
.25 oz. pellets at 60 min
.10 oz. at 20min and 5 min
.40 oz. at flameout
dry hop with .80 oz.
Think this is enough for a 1 gallon batch?

You could always download the trial version of Beersmith and see how it fits in the style you’re trying to brew. That’s pretty much what I do.

I’m not an expert at all, so I’ll leave the comments on your hop timing to them. But I will say that I am pretty sure you’re on the right track for that IPA.

The APA would be a little lower on the IBU’s than an IPA and you probably don’t want as much hop flavor/aroma, so ease up on all the hops in general. You can take a look at the BJCP style guidelines and use some calculators to find the IBU’s and your ratios to see if you’re in the ballpark.