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Need a little help ordering supplies, it's been a while


I’ve been catching back up on homebrewing after taking a few years off. I just have a coopers kit and the 750ml plastic bottles, it’s not great but it’ll do for now.

I’m looking to get everything I can off Northern Brewer but want to be sure everything interacts well.

I just want to ease back in as easy as possible. It’s usually about 63-67F where the beer will be brewing.

I’m not too picky on my beer, I’d rather have something turn out well than struggle with something complex but if I could pick… a dark amber / porter / stout would be ideal. :slight_smile:

I need a new hydrometer w/cylinder, malt extract, extract and priming drops / sugar.

Nut Brown Ale Extract Kit
Danstar Nottingham Ale Yeast (Will this freeze during shipping?)
NB Fizz Drops

Any thoughts on this combination with my existing kit?

Thank you

If you’re not crazy about the plastic bottles, just buy some non-screw top beer, and use oxyclean to remove the labels. Just soak overnight, the labels fall off. – then again, you’d need caps and a capper. (I like the red one…)

I wouldn’t worry too much about ANY of the extract kits being too complex. The nice thing is NB has all the instructions for each kit online, so you can see ahead of time how easy they are.

Personally I’d go for sugar over fizz drops. They have 5oz packs as an option when adding any kit to your cart. You could also skip both and just use white sugar, but I like the convenience.

NBs Nut Brown Ale is an English brown ale. Nice flavor but light in body. Your choices were dark amber, porter or stout. Caribou Slobber is an American brown ale with fuller body and more flavor. This one may be more to your liking given the choices you listed.
I’m also partial to NBs’ Dry Irish Stout. Very full in flavor and body. Have one in the fermentor right now.

+1 to the Caribou Slobber reco.

I’ve done it before, and been pleased with the results. It’s one of the options when purchasing the “Getting Started” kit, so it stands to reason it should be a good option for a “Getting Re-started” purchase.

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