Need a beer between Coors Light and Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

thinking about the NB AK47 pale mild but want to know from people who have made this kit if that’s how they would describe it…


It’ll be in the ball park but will note the AK47 uses english hops so the hop character will be different that Sierra Pale. You could do something like the NB Cream Ale kit and put in around 1 oz of something like centennial at flameout which might get you a bit closer to what it sounds like you’re shooting for.

I’ve made the AK-47 a few times, and it’s a good beer. The Innkeeper is a favorite too.

Brew a pale ale and dilute with 50% Coors light

You might look at the extra pale ale kit. Reduce the bittering addition to 1 oz cascade, and 1 oz cascade at 10 min. Should be somewhere in that ball park.