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Neat new bottling thing

No affiliation, this just looks cool and practical. Nice cartoon video, too:

Regular Price $33.00
2 FastRacks and 1 FastRack Tray
48 – Standard Bottles – 12oz (330ml – 375ml)
36 – Bomber Bottles – 22oz (650ml)
32 – Belgian Style Bottles – 22oz (650ml)
28 – Wine Bottles – 26oz (750ml)

They look good. I hope someone posts a review.

Looks like a good product to consider if you don’t have a bottling tree. Much better for storage when not in use. But since I already have a tree, I don’t feel a change would be justified.

these guys sent our brew club a few samples, and they sounded like great guys and it seems to be a decent product, my question is though, I haven’t really worried about getting my bottles completely dry anyway. A little sanitizer on the surface does not seem to be a bad thing.

I guess they could be good for storage though.

I concur as I too have a tree. I would also be interested in how stable they are. William’s Brewing is selling them with the drip tray and 3 racks (holds 72 bottles).

The video on their web sire shows them stacking 7 high and pushing the stack with a foot to move it.
For what it’s worth.
I like the idea of handling them all at once, and it looks like you could bottle with the rack on.

Yeah, I’ll probably end up buying a bunch of them!

I thought it was going to be something that would bottle my beer for me

Thanks for the awesome reviews guys! Glad most are liking our product.
You can visit our website at more information.
Happy Brewing!

The gal on the right made me want to be a home bar enthusiast.

I think I dreamed up this idea the other day. Very cool.

Lennie I was thinking the same thing… damn near bought one because of her!

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