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Near miss

I just bottled my Plinian Legacy.

Spoiler: I had about half a bottle of beer at the end of bottling, which is the best time to get a preview of the beer, and I am shocked… it’s really good.

Story: This is a near miss because I should/could have ruined it 3 or 4 times since brewing day. I messed up brewing day by forgetting to add a few pounds of malt extract - I added it later and had a longer boil - then, the fermentation was so aggressive that I had a foam-over for at least 2 days before I noticed and fixed it, then I messed up the hops and the order & amount to add them in for dry hopping…

Being an extract brewer, I messed up nearly every step I could have outside of cleaning… I was worried the beer wouldn’t turn out. PLUS, I have never had so much hops sediment! WOW… it was almost 2 gallons of sediment!

I had a stroke of genius by using a muslin bag as a filter from carboy to bottling bucket, so I saved a ton of NAST from getting into the bottles.This was a great idea…I’m not going to do this on everything!

All in all… the preview taste on bottling day was fantastic and all of my mistakes don’t seem to have killed it.
Consider this guy excited. I can’t wait for a real bottle!

Hope you took notes. :cheers:

Welp… damn it!

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