NB's Sweet Stout Extract Kit

I’m looking to brew a stout kit for my son and daughter-in-law. They, as do I, love New Glarus Road Slush. They’re not fans of the dry, lighter body, stouts like Guiness, so I’m thinking about the NB Sweet Stout Extract kit. I was wondering if anyone has tried it and how sweet is sweet. I noticed it has lactose in the kit which apparently is not metabolized by the yeast.

i have made that kit a few times. it is deceptivly dark and very good. ive got only good reviews from all who have tasted it. it has a nice sweetness but not to sweet. a nice roasty,chocolate, complex profile. you really do want to have some chocolate cake with it. i will be brewing it again for sure.

I just brewed this, but it’s still in the secondary. I will bottle this weekend and would have a taste test 2 weeks after that. That probably won’t help you much, but I’m very excited to try it. Thanks for the review above too, really can’t wait to try this.

i just brewed my 50th batch, most of them i bought from NB. i have none left and i havent thrown any away. ive had a very good experiance dealing with NB and would say most of their kits are very good. good luck and have fun.

Tried my Sweet Stout after only a week in the bottles. I had a very small “phhht” when popping the cap, but the beer was flat and didn’t taste good as a green beer. I’ll re-post an update in another week or so.

Does anyone have some FG info on this?

I just tested it and got 9 Bx and had an OG 1058 (~14.6 Bx) so through Terrill’s calc I get about 4.8%. That seems decent enough for a sweet stout right?

I will do another reading in a Fri or Sat. But as cold as it is in my basement I would be shocked is anything else is happening.

That being said, if it has been sitting cold for a bit (over a week) would warming it do any good at this point?

I used about 2Q of unwashed NeoBrit slurry. Some trouble keeping the fermenter warm but it did have a good krausen a couple days after pitching and some good bubbling in the blowoff.

I haven’t made that one but I recently made the Milk Chocolate Stout, which also has lactose. The sweetness is very mild in that one for what it’s worth.

I agree, the sweetness is very mild. It’s a stout with just a sweet note at the end. i wish it had a bit more mouth feel to it. But I just had an uncarbed sample. So I am holding my judgments until it’s fully ready.

I see now I wasn’t much help to the original poster…