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NB's Super Structure IPA Extract


Curious as well.

Skip the specialty grains. The super structure extract has two kinds of base malt and light crystal in it already.

I think steeping of specialty grains is an inexpensive and easy way to add some additional flavor and/or color. The grains ride along as the water warms up so there is no additional time. I have heard good things about this extract but I would still use specialty grains to fine tune the recipe.

Does NB have any kits based around that extract yet?

They do its High Rise IPA kit. I’m thinking about trying it out but its a little pricey for a non imperial beer in my opinion.

$50 :shock:
But 3 bottles LME and 7oz hops, I suppose it adds up.

Nice, just to let you know the post isnt showing up properly on my iphone - I think there is a plugin you can grab that takes care of that now.

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