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NB's Super Structure IPA Extract

I’m kinda curious too; I’d even like to see how this works in non-IPAs. Bummer that they’re only selling it in 3.15lb though.

It would be a cool brew club experiment to get a bunch of this stuff, and have everyone do a pseudo-SMaSH, where everyone follows the same base recipe, but uses different hops.
It would end up being like Sixpoint’s Spice of Life[/url] series. Someone would have to do [url=]Hop Shots


I asked the same question a few months back and got no replies. Still curious however.

We’ll I have used it in my own recipe with El Dorado hops and it has been a hit around here. So give it a try. And yes a larger container of it would be a great idea.

So what was the recipe like? I’m guessing you had to do more than just 3 lbs. LME. so DME? partial mash? specialty grains?

Watching this thread as well, but realizing the product is somewhat new…it may take a while for finished results.

I would like to sub it for a couple IPA or DIPA recipes…but those are a couple months out on the beer scheduling horizon. :slight_smile:

I recently made a bastardized IPA based loosely on Ithaca Flower Power.
5 Gallon
4 # golden light DME. 60. Min

1 #. Carapils
4 oz. Honey Malt

1oz Centennial 60
1oz Amarillo. 35
1oz Simcoe. 30
1oz Ahantum. 20
2oz. Cascade. 10
1oz. Chinook. 5

2 packs. Dry US. 05

Will dry hop 1oz each Amarillo, Chinook, Simcoe for approx 7 days. It has been in primary for 8 days.

Beer smith…141.8. IBU
OG. 1.076

I’ll let you know how it turns out.

I have brewed a double IPA with this blend (1 gallon batch). The color and taste of the malt is superb. All of my friends absolutely loved it. I want to redo the recipe with a different set of hops but it was very good! I highly recommend it in any IPA.

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