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NB's Smashing Pumpkin Ale Question

I am always happy with Northern Brewers products, so I’m really excited to brew my first pumpkin ale. I have some thoughts on it and I would like your feedback if possible.

I want to do the all-grain, but I don’t think I have enought time to invest into roasting the pumpkin (even though I would really like to). If I can’t do this, can I just use the pumpkin in a can and add it to the mash rather than going through the whole pumpkin roasting process?

I noticed a lot of people talking about adding the whole spice (not ground spices), such as a whole cinnamon stick, vanilla bean, nutmeg, clove, etc… and that it should be soaked in vodka? is this to bring out the spice flavor?

In addition to the pumpkin added during mash, I think I am going to add 2 cans of Libbys pumpkin at 5 minutes left in the boil to give it a little more pumpkin kick, then add spices at flame out, then at spices (if needed) in secondary.

Any thoughts? Does anyone swear by their own Pumpkin ale recipe?


I had some of the same ? so I called nb and they said I could use pumpkin puree. Don’t get the cans of pumpkin with the sugars and spices. I just got the kit today . oh almost forgot if you add pumpkin to the recipe then they suggest getting 2 lbs of 6 row.

Watch the video that is on the product page.

We did the extract kit before and are planning on doing it this weekend. It is really good.

I watched the video a couple times already, but in the video they use fresh roasted pumpkin with the all-grain and I just want to make sure it’s ok to use canned pumpkin. I can’t imagine it would be a bad thing to use canned pumpkin for all-grain. Just need to make sure to get the 6-row.

I have heard that canned pumpkin is ok but to get it without sugar added and that it can be messy but I don’t know from experience. I brewed a pumpkin wheat last year for the holidays and roasted actual pumpkins in the oven was very easy with little mess, added it to the boil in a large mesh bag. I also used whole spices as well (the vodka is to sanitize), turned out great and was a big hit for Thanksgiving and barely made it to Christmas.

You don’t need the 6row grain. 2row will be fine. ... ost3413690 ... tic-power/
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