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NB's Hopquila Robusto

Hi Guys -

I have a batch of Hopquila Robusto in secondary right now. It is turning out just amazing. It ended up at 9% abv, and I have to say the Mosaic hops smell/taste incredible.

My question is about the addition of Tequila. I bought a nice bottle of Mexican reposado tequila. I’ve added what amounts to 3/4 cup of tequila so far, which by my calculation is 6 oz. I have to say - I can’t taste the tequila at this point. The instructions from NB say to start with 5-6 oz. I assume they are talking liquid ounces.

Has anyone here made this yet? HOw much tequila did you end up adding?


I am following up on my own post!

I’ve finished this brew, and it is just delicious. How it came out definately surprised me. Its not what I expected when I brewed this.

As we all know, a DIPA recipe is essentially the same grain bill as a Barleywine, just with a much more aggressive hopping schedule.

What the tequila did in this recipe is turn this DIPA into something in between a true DIPA and a Barleywine. One could even call it a “fast-aged barleywine”. The tequila has mellowed out the Mosaic hop level, but not completely. You really don’t taste the tequila itself, but the overall flavor of this beer is definatley “barleywine-esque”…and only in 6 weeks.

I believe I put in roughly 8 oz of a good reposado tequila. More than the recipe asks for. At 5-6 oz, I wasn’t tasting anything at all.

I love this brew. I need to make more. Do you think the tequila would work with other hops? Or is this something unique with the Mosaic hops, as NB is implying?

Thanks for the update! This one is currently on my wishlist…

When did you put in the dry hops / tequila as it relates to bottling?

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